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Fleet Services

We are fleet service specialists, providing ongoing fleet vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair services.

We pride ourselves on our high quality of work, high standards of professionalism and our ability to provide a highly efficient service that suits our customers’ needs. We have been successfully working with domestic clients and organisations operating fleets of vehicles across the South East of England for over 20 years.

High Quality & Standards

Our mobile service means that we are able to visit companies on site, to maintain and repair vehicles, meaning that there is no downtime for staff to take vehicles into workshops to be attended to, where, once there, they are often required to wait whilst the vehicle undergoes repair. With the reduced operation costs that come from operating a mobile service, we are able to pass on these cost savings to our clients, resulting in a more cost-effective and efficient service, tailored to your company’s needs.

Experienced & Qualified Professionals

Having provided services to the fleet market for over 20 years, we have extensive experience in managing fleets of vehicles and recording histories of work undertaken to enable effective and timely scheduling of work due. This takes the hassle out of you needing to spend time on this, leaving you free to focus on your commitments whilst we fulfil ours.
We operate as a fully insured business, with highly skilled and professionally certified vehicle technicians, giving you complete reassurance that your company’s vehicles are in the best possible hands.
If you are looking for a professional organisation that can help keep your fleet on the road, without inconveniencing you or your staff and with the ability to pass on direct cost savings to your organisation through our streamlined operating model, then contact us with your enquiry today.

What to expect

Here’s how our mobile service will keep your vehicles on the road.
Contact us to let us know your requirements. You’ll get a fixed-price, no obligation quote.
Book a local engineer, at a time that suits you.
An expert engineer will arrive at a place that is convenient to you.
We will carry out the work and give you a 12-month or 10,000 mile warranty*.
*Manufacturer exceptions to this will be discussed if applicable prior to commencement of any work.

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Taking better care of fleet vehicles

We recognise the importance of maintaining your fleet of vehicles for the day-to-day operation of your business. With employees reliant on the use of their vehicles to get to jobs and to do so in a fashion that represents your business in the most professional light, the importance of using a quality provider to service, maintain and repair your fleet should not be overlooked.

Preventative maintenance

It goes without saying that the daily use of vehicles for the purpose of work can expose a vehicle to inevitable wear and tear, which can occur despite the vehicle being used competently and being handled with care.
Our expert technicians, with trained eyes, can check over your vehicles to ensure any early signs of damage are spotted, alleviating the need for vehicles to being kept of the road at a later date for any periods of time and avoiding any large unforeseen repair bills as a result of issues which initially originated as smaller concerns, growing bigger over time.

Maximising Vehicle Availability

The importance of maximising vehicle availability is crucial to the efficiency of your business. Minimising the risk of vehicle breakdowns, ineffective fuel consumption, and reducing the consequential risks posed by over-worn parts on the running and efficiency of your vehicles is paramount for cost-saving and smooth business operation.
An over-riding concern for all organisations is the safety of vehicles, their users and other road users. Preventative maintenance is essential in ensuring your vehicles safety and knowing that you have someone alongside you with expertise to supervise this and act on any needed maintenance offers reassurance to your business.

Protecting the running of your fleet

Some of our preventative maintenance steps include vehicle inspections, to assess the safety, working order and efficiency of your vehicles, testing, repairs and replacements of worn parts, adjustment and cleaning of working parts and lubrication. These all have an important role to play in protecting the running of your vehicle fleet.

Scheduled timely servicing

Scheduled timely servicing at the required intervals, in accordance with manufacturer specification, must be performed to ensure the safety, efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your vehicles. Our fleet service, with our knowledge of manufacturer specifications and guidelines means that we are able to ensure service schedules are consistently met and maintained for the lifespan of the vehicle.

Services that we offer

Car Care Mobile Services offer a full range of mobile vehicle maintenance and repair services for fleet vehicle clients. We tailor our services to your specific requirements, giving you a hassle-free way to service and repair your vehicles at your office or place of work.
Car & Van Servicing

We offer a full variety of servicing, ranging from an interim service which includes an oil and filter change and a full vehicle inspection to a full service comprising a change of oil and filter, pollen filter/cabin filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and a full vehicle inspection.

We follow individual manufacturer service schedule requirements for your entire fleet to ensure that vehicle warranties are maintained and vehicles are serviced in accordance with manufacture recommendations.


We offer you the convenience of coming to your place of home or work to carry out a full vehicle inspection prior to your MOT to help avoid failure (or to maximise your car’s chance of a first-time pass) and save you time and money.

Our highly skilled technicians will carry out a series of pre-MOT checks, both internally and externally to the vehicle.

Through completion of these checks, and correcting and repairing any faults at this stage, you can be reassured that your vehicle will be better prepared for its full MOT test inspection.

After a full pre-inspection of your vehicle, we can also pick up your vehicle from your site or place of work, obtain its MOT and deliver your vehicle back to you, offering you a hassle-free way to maintain your vehicle so you are free to continue your day.

Brake Repairs

Your vehicles’ brake efficiency is fundamental to your vehicle’s safety system.

We can carry out fault-finding on your braking system across all areas and offer tailored solutions ranging from replacing brake pads and brake discs to replacing and re-coding ABS pumps. Our services in this area are expansive. Please contact us for further details of our full range.

Steering and suspension repairs

All steering and suspension work is undertaken, ranging from broken coil springs to leaking shock absorbers and defective steering racks.


Poor emission control will reduce fuel economy and engine performance as well as the obvious negative impact on the environment. With our expertise, we will fully diagnose and repair any exhaust and emission related faults, saving you money and preventing future expensive repair bills as a direct impact of ineffective emission controls.

A defective oxygen sensor, which senses the exhaust gases could affect your fuel economy and could damage your catalytic convertor. An engine misfire, where unburnt fuel enters the exhaust system, can, over any prolonged amount of time, cause damage to the catalytic convertor with more serious safety repercussions. With all modern diesel vehicles now being fitted with DPF (Diesel Particular Filters), it is now commonplace that a DPF warning light will illuminate if the DPF system is blocked, which again can result in similar symptoms such as lack of power and reduced fuel economy and can require a DPF regeneration.

Attending to your emission control issues in a timely manner will improve fuel economy, engine performance and could save you the cost of future expensive repair bills on your vehicles.


Struggling to start a vehicle? We offer a fully mobile vehicle repair service which comes to you. We will attend your vehicle’s location and offer our expertise to get your vehicle swiftly back on the road.

We will even send you an SMS Text alert to let you know that our experienced team of technicians are on their way to you.


If your engine light comes on, we can come to you, carry out a full on-board electrical diagnostic test and repair the fault on the vehicle.

Our technicians carry the most up to date diagnostic testing equipment that quickly identifies faults on all makes and models of vehicles and pin points the defect so that we can get to work immediately and fix the problem.

We can inform you when your vehicles are due their next cambelt replacement and arrange for replacement of the cambelt and necessary cambelt kit components.

Clutch replacements, flywheel replacements, slave cylinder replacement, master cylinder replacement and system bleeding.

We offer highly competitive pricing on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts which can be a considerable cost-saving to you when compared to main dealer pricing.

With our advanced cooling pressure tester equipment we can pressurise your cooling system and identify leaks on site, then carry out the necessary repairs to maintain your vehicles’ performance.

As fully certified mobile air conditioning specialists, we carry the latest air conditioning diagnostic, recover, recycling, vacuum testing and regasing equipment on board. We also carry equipment for UV dye testing that will help to identify leaks within your air conditioning system, which we can then subsequently repair for you.

Whilst it is often the perception that the air-conditioning of your vehicles are important in the warmer months for your comfort, it is in fact crucial that your vehicles air conditioning systems operate effectively all year round. Failure to maintain this effectively can result in a collection of bacteria in the system which can dispel into the vehicles cabin areas with potential health implications for the drivers. This can sometimes be identified as a foul smell that emits from the air conditioning system.

Our deep clean air conditioning service will dispel with any unpleasant smells and will leave it smelling fresh and ridden of bacteria. Our equipment identifies which gas your vehicles operate. Our latest equipment caters for vehicles fitted with R1234YF gas, which is compulsory on all vehicles dating from 2017 onwards to reduce the impact on global warming. Cars before this date may be running R134A gas and we are able to accommodate the regasing and repair of these vehicles within a controlled environment using a fully sealed system.


We can attend to any fuel system repair or replacement needed.

If one of your vehicles has been misfuelled, trying to drive it will have serious implications for your vehicle’s engine and fuel system. Our mobile service can come to you and fully drain your fuel tank, refill and bleed out the fuel system.

Electrical System Diagnostics

All electrical system faults can be diagnosed and repaired using our latest diagnostic technology.

We can offer a very cost-effective solution in repairing all manner of electrical component faults such as electric windows not operating, doors not opening, faulty switches and 12V in-car chargers not working.

Alongside all petrol and diesel vehicles, we offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for all makes and models of hybrid and electric vehicles.
We carry the specialised tools to perform manual and automatic gearbox servicing and repairs on all makes and models of vehicles at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer.
If one of your vehicle’s has got the airbag warning light illuminated we can investigate the cause and carry out tailored repairs to maintain your vehicles safety system using our on-board diagnostic equipment.

We remove locking wheel nuts with no damage to your wheel with the aid of an innovative industry-sought after tool with protective surround which enables us to remove the locking wheel nuts from the alloy wheel without damage to the rim.

In the event of a flat tyre, our mobile service alleviates the problem of transporting your vehicle to a garage and the associated recovery costs in time and money in doing so.

If one of your vehicles system’s on board computer is alerting you to a problem with your AdBlue, we can refill the AdBlue system and reset the on board computer in line with the manufacturer’s specification.

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Fleet Servicing

We offer the full range of on-site vehicle maintenance and repair services to large fleet clients. Our highly skilled & professional certified vehicle technicians are always on-call to provide your on-going fleet vehicle servicing.

Domestic Servicing

We provide individuals seeking a quality, highly efficient and competitive domestic vehicle servicing and repair service tailored to your individual needs. Our professional certified technicians work across the full vehicle range of makes and models.

Mobile vehicle service & repair specialists

for company fleets and domestic vehicles

Car Care Mobile Services provide our customers and clients across the South East of England with a full vehicle service and repair offering.

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If you want a hassle-free way to service and repair your vehicle at your home, office or place of work, let our mobile mechanics travel to you. Avoid having to waste your time taking your vehicle to a garage and book us in.